How C.S. Lewis Ignited the Passion

C.S. Lewis

My mother was as white as the sheets covering her in the hospital bed. This may sound like a cliché, and is one. But when I was 9-years-old, seeing my mother in the hospital was as terrifying and horrible as me facing my fellow fourth grade students at the new elementary school.

Both events stand out clear in my mind , or as Sherlock fans would say, “mind palace.” Yet one little children’s book glows out brightly beside these two memories, which helped to soothe me during this turbulent time: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

I read the entire Narnia series shortly after devouring the first book. As time passed, the collection took a backseat spot in my brain, for I was a typical child who had more pressing matters, such as learning how to jump-rope and how to best draw a princess mermaid.

Shortly after entering college as a freshman, I stumbled across C.S. Lewis again. This time, the great man only gained my awareness due to his connection to J.R.R. Tolkien. As the reader may expect, I had gladly joined with some philosophical nerds who had a soft spot for The Lord of the Rings.

Over time – eight years to be exact – I fell in love with C.S. Lewis’s works, especially the laymen theology material. Mere Christianity, A Grief Observed, Miracles, Till We Have Faces, The Four Loves, The Great Divorce and much more inspired me to grow in my faith. So much so, I wanted to start a blog.

Intent on doing my part in spreading the gospel of Christ, I set out to write about what C.S. Lewis had to say about Christianity. I started off strong, spending six to seven hours researching Bible commentaries and study Bibles in my personal library. Thinking my blog would stretch out into 100 plus posts about one C.S. Lewis book, I didn’t bother with gathering many quotes to start off with.

Six weeks passed, and I was getting tired. I had found a quote in The Great Divorce about lions, and I researched why the giant Christian philosopher had written so extensively about these creatures in his literature. The research had revealed some interesting Scripture, and I jotted down the verses and did further research on biblical study materials. Once finished researching, I summarized and pounded out six chapters about C.S. Lewis and his lions.

I prepared material for the blog for six weeks and then quit the idea. After another couple of months, I found Smashwords.

Now comes the whole purpose of this short history between C.S. Lewis and me: I wrote and published an eBook from the abandoned blog material. A short, little something called, Behind Lewis’s Lions: Searching the Bible for C.S. Lewis’s Lions.

For several years, I had offered the eBook for free, and vendors such as Barnes and Noble and Apple gave them out. I joke not when I say I was so blessed as to “sell” thousands of the eBooks. Then I realized I needed money.

Barnes and Noble and Apple still sell my eBooks, the C.S. Lewis one among several much smaller others. I can’t say I understand why Behind Lewis’s Lions did so well, but I pray that readers will continue to purchase it and think new, inspiring thoughts as they read it.

C.S. Lewis ignited a passion in my life, a passion for reading and writing. And as time passes on, a passion for all things British. Thank you C.S. Lewis, for everything you have thought, taught, and inspired in your readers.

Thank you readers for reading! I hope you will join me as I explore and write about the many British things passed on to American culture. With any luck, I will someday find the time and money to make a trip to Great Britain and truly enjoy the great land’s culture.