The Mad Ramblings of a Cra-Cra White Woman Living Under California Jurisdiction


Some people who read this title will automatically judge my thoughts, beliefs, actions, and hopes to be worthless. Most people in California, at least in the metropolitan areas of California, are these people. And I just so happen to live in a small Californian town, between the Great Valley and the Bay Area. Small or large, it seems like every city here is filled with flamingly-wild libs.

Why do all these people think my worth as an individual is minimal, if not non-existent? It’s not only because I’m officially classified as paranoid schizophrenic, because inwardly people do take my mental illness as a good reason to disregard everything I say. (Never would they admit to judging me for my mental illness, for that’s non-PC….) But, I’m thought of worthless because I believe in Christ Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, who died and rose again to save all mankind from eternal damnation. And I’m Republican, and that’s simply unforgivable to them.

“How dare you speak of us as filled with hate and judgment! That’s you and your religion!” said the up-till-the-moment-politics-and-religion-came-up friend. Well, you know what? I find that I am growing increasingly angry and upset that people speak ill about my faith, slander my fellow Republicans, and call me stupid for following a path that WILL ULTIMATELY, as in ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS LIFE, bring me joy and peace from my Eternal Father in Heaven…. God save me now from my anger and bitterness on this side of Heaven….

Over the past few years, as I’ve struggled with coming-to-terms with my condition, learning to live a semi-normal life, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it would be like to live as if it was only me and the land around me. It would be hard, extraordinarily hard and life-threatening. However, if Federal and State government hadn’t turned civilization into such a soft, clumsy, namby-pamby bunch, then maybe everyone would have been happier. Maybe, just maybe, some overpowering and manipulative authorities wouldn’t have come in and destroyed mankind as we know it.

Think of my politics as you will: Tea Party, Nature Lover, etc. I know virtually nothing about them and they mean nothing to me. All I know, based on the original setup of Adam and Eve in the Garden, when mankind walked with God, knowing neither shame nor fear, life must have been beyond my comprehension of beauty and peace. So, ultimately, our overpowering and manipulative authorities came to be because of sin.

I’m not here to convert anyone who doesn’t wish for something better than what life has given them. (Because, as certain libs have instituted it, their political supporters do get many freebees the rest of us don’t….) But, does California really have to take all our hard-earned money just so we can water our plants and catch our meat?

The laws have become so ridiculous that we aren’t even allowed to kill certain animals. “They’re almost extinct!” cry the libs. Bull! Small town ranchers are losing cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and more because, as California so enforces it, hunters aren’t allowed to shoot wildcats. Pull your heads out of your butts, California State Officials, we’re being overrun by these “almost extinct” species!

As California law officials enforce, we Californians can’t even tie a string to a pole and grab one or two inch-long fish without first paying them for our permission to do so. Ridiculous! How will we eat unless we have a high-enough income to support all the Federal and State taxes, Social Security, Medicare, rising-prices on clothes, gas, shelter, and electricity, the mouths dependent on us, and more? We can’t! Unless we wish to go to a church’s food program. Or, most dismally, a government food program.

What makes getting free food from the government so bad? A.) It’s not free. B.) It’s not coming from the taxes we’re paying, it’s coming from the Federal Loan Fund. So, even though the government is taking our money in various ways, causing debt among the people, the state’s financial officials are still causing California to go into debt. And let’s not even discuss USA’s Federal Debt, and how it’s causing the whole nation to sink ever lower and lower among worldwide civilizations…. Stop giving our hard-earned pennies to under-worked, overpaid government employees, California!

For those who have stayed with me until this point, take joy in knowing that my cra-cra (for those who don’t know, “cra-cra” indicates the disabled mentally ill) ramblings are coming to an end for today. Personally, I believe everything that I wrote. And I believe and think ill about many other enforced laws – and some given permissions, such as Marijuana- in California. But what can I do? I’m a simple girl, trying to live a simple life, without trying to anger anyone too badly. But California makes that a very difficult, if not impossible, goal to achieve.

Ultimately, the problem is rooted in sin. And if only more people, especially the small-minded sect of libs, realized the One God’s loving nature, we would all be better off. But, no. Government punishes Christian business owners who stand up for their beliefs, and no room is given for mistakes. And that goes for the Christian non-business owners as well.

Christians and Republicans have no room in California, and we know how much we are hated and desired to leave the state, if not the country. And to end with a bit of bitter and angry sarcasm…Thank you, Californian libs, for making a poor, struggling, mentally-ill, Christian woman feel unwanted, incompetent, and hated in a state which she cannot afford to leave. May the peace of God be with you all, amen

*The article’s photo, called “Loveless Cafe Neon Sign,” was created and provided by Brent Moore.

**Yes, it’s an actual hotel in Nashville, but it is “oh, so applicable” to California homes.

Welcome to all Truth-Seekers and Christian-Haters. This website is for all of you…

How many young Christ followers have read theological material, attempting to grow in their Christian faith, only to wonder why they have never heard any Ordained Pastor, or Priest, preach on the material found in so-said Christian book?

“The material must be false,” said the too-busy-to-read Church friend. “He’s only a man. It’s not guaranteed anything he writes is God-inspired,” said the avid feminist.

Or, there is the other side of the argument. The side where the so-called God-breathed material actually IS FALSE.

“Beth Moore has sold millions of books. Throughout all her mission-oriented years, she has always had a heart for lost and hurting women. And, oh! How can you actually question Rick Warren? He has clarified the meaning to life!” Modernized Christian theology has BAMBOOZLED many Christians.

What is the point to this statement about Christian material?

My husband, my family, and I have reached the point, having read through the Holy Bible countless times throughout the years, where we wish to make THE TRUTH known to all people. At least, to all people who desire inner peace and joy. (And we’re not talking happy-go-lucky peace and joy. We’re talking about finding the ability to stay goal-oriented and on the right path in a depraved and insane world.)

From this point forward, studies regarding unpopular laws regarding Christian living and Christian belief will appear below. Such topics include a woman’s role in the church, what the Bible says about anger and wrath, abortion, turning the other cheek, and so-on and so-forth.

If these topics are mundane and acceptable to you, great! Maybe you can help defend the Gospel with me to all the people who hate the One-and-Only Living God.

That is all that I have to say at this given time. Please follow along with me as I study my books and write about what I learn. If it pleases God, maybe some genuine GOOD will come from this blog.

*All articles pertaining United Kingdom items, located in the USA, are still on here. Please ignore or peruse them as you will. The focus of the blog has shifted toward biblical studies.